Amazon Shopping Alternatives

Amazon… the place we go for, well… just about everything these days. And why not? They provide an amazing shopping experience, shipping that is faster than fast and an incredible return policy. So what’s the downside?

No matter how good the experience is on Amazon, some shoppers have their own opinions about using the e-commerce platform for their shopping. For instance, some may take issue with the fact that Amazon is helping to seriously disrupt our local economies. Others just want to root for the little guy and support them any way they can.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of 17 online shops for finding items outside of Amazon.

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The best Coffee Roasters on Shopify

For all of the coffee aficionados out there who know exactly where to buy their beans, here are a few more roasters to add to your list. Find some of our favourite roasters, and some of the best coffee you can buy online, sold directly to you through the roaster’s online Shopify shop.

Amazon, and the off-shoring of American businesses

According to marketplacePulse, in September 2021, 38% of the top sellers in the Amazon marketplace were Chinese sellers. Purchases made from these sellers and brands see their profits leaving North America, and building vast wealth overseas. 

Learn how you, as a consumer, can help support businesses through alternatives to Amazon that keep the profits within your country, state or province, and your local community.

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Best kid’s lunch box 🥪 for school 🎒

Dabbawalla Cold Feet Penguin

I saw this Cold Feet Penguin insulated lunch bag from DabbaWalla in the window of a store in Vancouver while on vacation recently. Of course, my vacation being as power packed as it was I could never get to the store to purchase this fun product. So, I did a little online reconnaissance, via Vendazzo, … Read more