Amazon Shopping Alternatives

Amazon… the place we go for, well… just about everything these days. And why not? They provide an amazing shopping experience, shipping that is faster than fast and an incredible return policy. So what’s the downside?

No matter how good the experience is on Amazon, some shoppers have their own opinions about using the e-commerce platform for their shopping. For instance, some may take issue with the fact that Amazon is helping to seriously disrupt our local economies. Others take issue with the political aspirations of such a large company. Others still just want to root for the little guy and support them any way they can.

Other reasons may be that some brands haven’t made their items available on the e-commerce giant’s website, and the only way to find those items is through the brand’s own website. Of course, how do you know about that brand and the items they offer if you’ve never seen their products before? Great question.

Enter Vendazzo!

Vendazzo is the place to go to find websites selling what you want, where you buy directly from the site, without Amazon taking a cut. Vendazzo lets you search for an item, compare prices and go directly to the website to make your purchase. Searching for items with Vendazzo produces a super clean and attractive user interface, with each product neatly displayed for you to zip through and pick out exactly what you’re looking for with a quick flick or scroll.

The user interface is mobile friendly too. Don’t waste your time with websites that don’t give you a mobile optimized experience! It’s 2020 and a website should work just as well on mobile as it does on the desktop. Vendazzo does not disappoint.

Other price comparison websites

Of course, Vendazzo isn’t the only price comparison site out there. There are many others out in the interwebs. Some have a nice user experience, some have a wide variety of products, some are simply trying to send you to Amazon through affiliate links so that they take a cut. Others are simply rebrandings of other e-commerce sites like eBay.

So what does a price comparison site do for you? Great question. Price comparison sites are essentially search engines for products that you want to buy. When you go to one of these sites looking to find a particular item, you type in what you’re looking for, hit the GO button, and the site returns, hopefully, something like what you’re looking for, right beside other similar items where you can sort by price and compare the offerings. A regular search engine by contrast will likely serve up a number of product reviews, or other websites selling the item, but will not allow you to easily compare the prices.

List of alternative price comparison sites

  1. Google Shopping
  2. Price Runner
  3. Bing Shopping
  4. Trouva
  6. Price Grabber
  7. Shopzilla

Google Shopping

Google Shopping does what Google is known for. They provide an extremely fast and accurate search result list for the item that you’re looking for. They list sponsored items at the top of the list, and the balance ofthe search results below that. The user interface is clean and spare with easy filtering located in the left sidebar. You can filter by price, by color, by brand, and several other filters that are unique to the item that you searched for.

Because they are the world’s largest search engine, they have been able to deploy a massive amount of resources into problems like categorization and search query results. What that means to you, the user, is that when you search for something very specific, you can be reasonably sure that you are going to get results for that item, or something that is very similar to it. Not only do you get a clean list of results, but Google’s algorithm for categorization allows you to narrow your search results in a very efficient manor.

Price Runner

Price Runner is a European based website that lists over a million products from several thousand stores. Similar to Google Shopping, Price Runner has a beautiful, clean user interface that guides the user through categories of products where the user can drill down into the category to explore and shop. They also offer a search function which returns extremely accurate results for products that you have searched for, with filtering of the search results available through the left sidebar.

The user experience of Price Runner is snappy, fun, and the whole website has an incredibly polished, and well branded appeal. The downside is that their offerings are somewhat limited, and currently primarily European based.

Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping is a shopping aggregator like Google Shopping. It is operated by one of the worlds largest tech firms, and as a result it offers a lightening quick user experience with a clean, easy-on-the-eyes presentation of goods. Bing also does a good job of subcategorization and filtering. Search results from Bing Shopping come largely from other large retail stores such as Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. So, if you are looking for smaller brands, or products from more local sellers, Bing may not be the place to find those items.


Trouva is another European shop aggregator that does a great job of listing smaller retailers with a focus of local boutiques. In fact, you can search for shops in your area and look for boutique shops that fit your style. Trouva has a snappy user experience with a familiar display of search items and filtering along the left sidebar. What you won’t find on Trouva is the major brands that you will find on Amazon or department store websites. Trouva is where to go for boutique housewares and gift items that you would expect to find in a local boutique shop. is a new face on a familiar name. eBay operates Shopping as a new presentation of their listings. When you execute a search on Shopping, most, if not all, of the results that you will find are eBay listings. So why not just use eBay? I find myself asking the same question. eBay offers a better search, takes you directly to the listings and offers better filtering than Shopping does. Overall, this isn’t a stellar experience, and if you know that buying new and used items from eBay is for you, then you may as well go straight to eBay.

Price Grabber & Shopzilla

Price Grabber and Shopzilla are two separate websites, but have been included here in the same list item because they provide essientially the exact same experience. That is to say that they are a search engine for price comparison that mainly returns Amazon listings and will send you to Amazon to complete the sale, while taking a commission for the redirection. The search results from these two sites are pretty muddy, and won’t always return what you are looking for. That’s because building a search engine is pretty tough, and getting accurate results for a search query is like a little drop of magic. The search results for both Price Grabber and Shopzilla return in a familiar grid or list view with additional filtering possible in the left sidebar.


One thing is certain… e-commerce is changing fast to bring you, the consumer, a better shopping experience. There’s a reason why Amazon has become so dominant in the shopping space, and that is because they have spent the past 20+ years refining their product so that they bring you (mostly) good products at (mostly) good prices. Web platforms like Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Big Commerce and WordPress are all working hard to simplify e-commerce for retailers and new brands. The downside is that all of these platforms provide an individual web presence for the brand or retailer, and don’t help you, the consumer find a great deal or compare offerings.

Over time, small brands and retailers will be able to list their items onto sites like Bing Shopping and Google Shopping, but presently, these retailers and brands have not yet got on board with listing their items onto these larger product search engines.

At Vendazzo, we are working to bring you a better shopping experience where you can find what you’re looking for, support retailers directly, and have an alternative to Amazon. Keep checking in and trying us out for your online shopping. We will continue to work on bringing you a better experience with more items and improved search results so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for, and find it at the best price.