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Best kid’s lunch box 🥪 for school 🎒

I saw this Cold Feet Penguin insulated lunch bag from DabbaWalla in the window of a store in Vancouver while on vacation recently. Of course, my vacation being as power packed as it was I could never get to the store to purchase this fun product. So, I did a little online reconnaissance, via Vendazzo, and found numerous stores in Canada offering this product
online. So, awesome. Avoidance of customs and duties surprises on delivery AVERTED!

First, this product is designed in Seattle by a small company and then built in Taiwan in a
family owned factory that follows good labour practices. I have not verified this but it is part of
the promotional write up from DabbaWalla. Also stated, the material is non-toxic, recyclable
(where? At what facility I wonder) – however, if it is non-staining and washable in a front
loading washing machine then I am ALL IN. Ease of use and clean up is important with filthy
little boys!

Dabbawalla - Cold Feet Penguin - Lunch 1

I bought this cutie-pie lunch box for my sloppy little nephew, Elliott with the hopes that his overworked mom can make easy cleaning of lunch bags an easier chore on her list! I am in love with it retro bowling bag shape, its functionality and of course, its gosh darn whimsy. Is this suitable for a young boy trying to making his way through the mean hallways of a public elementary school? Maybe not but it brings me such joy that I purchased it and darn it, I would
buy it again if I had more than 1 nephew of a semi-appropriate age.

Dabbawalla - cold feet penguin lunch box - filled

I guess if nieces and smelly little girls are in your life, there are unicorn, ladybug, flower petal and kitty-cat lunch bags abound as well, but if you strive to live in a world where we don’t
make all little girls princesses then do her a favor and buy her the awesome shark, T-rex, airplane or rocket ship lunch bag.

Dabbawalla - cold feet penguin - filled and closed
All packed up and ready for school… Isn’t this just the cutest?

Their backpacks are also pretty amazing for the early elementary crowd. Make your kid POP with a monkey or tree sloth backpack. They might not care, but watching small children mill around with cute animals on their backpacks brings a lot of joy to the rest of the world.

Fun product, fun design, and an American small business, if that makes you happy.

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