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The best Coffee Roasters on Shopify

For all of the coffee aficionados out there who know exactly where to buy their beans, here are a few more roasters to add to your list. Find some of our favourite roasters, and some of the best coffee you can buy online, sold directly to you through the roaster’s online Shopify shop.

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Roasters in America

Lifeboost coffee Home

Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost is a coffee roaster that places their attention on bringing the consumer a low-acid, sustainably grown, organic coffee bean that is 3rd party tested to be free of molds, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.

Lifeboost offers a wide variety of roast intensity, flavoured options, and single use pods. Consumers can benefit from free shipping, and savings on their purchases when they purchase through a subscription.

Schuil Coffee

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Schuil Coffee became Michigan’s first coffee roaster in 1981 when Garry Schuil started to import and roast coffee after travelling overseas and experiencing the difference of a craft roasted coffee, not widely available in the US at the time.

Schuil offers a wide variety of roast intensity, bean origins, and flavours to suit your palette. Available as bags of beans, k-cups, or packets, Schuil coffee has you covered for consumer purchases or wholesale purchases for coffee shops looking for a new supplier.

Irving Farm

Roasting coffee in New York city and offering unique roasts, house blends, and seasonal offerings, Irving Farm is focused on excellence.

What makes Irving Farm unique, is that they also offer a private label wholesale roasting service. If you are the operator of a coffee shop and would like to create your own brand of roasted beans to expand your brand and offer a custom roast for your patrons, Irving Farm can help you out.

Dead House Coffee

Lansdale, PA is the home of Dead House Coffee. They offer both single origin and blend roasts. The branding from Dead House is not your typical branding. If you have a sense of fun, this could be the roaster for you.

Roasters in Canada

Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

If you are a Calgarian, and haven’t yet discovered Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, you have been missing out.

Located in the Snowden Building in the Ramsay neighbourhood, this coffee roaster is filled with warmth and charm. Heavy wood plank tables, a viewable roasting room, and an enormous deck to enjoy summer patio weather create an inviting atmosphere to enjoy a finely brewed latte, batch brew or whatever coffee concoction you prefer.

The roast of their beans is exceptional. They use high quality green beans and take care to bring flavour to each batch with the perfect roast.

Calgary Heritage sells their coffee in 3/4 lb bags as well as 2 lb bags. They are also open to private label batches and collaborations with restaurants.

Ethical Bean Coffee

Another fine Canadian coffee roaster is Ethical Bean Coffee. Founded in 2003 with the intention of helping lift coffee farmers from poverty, Ethical Bean is proud of their history in supporting fairtrade purchasing practices.

Ethical Bean Coffee knows that while fairtrade and good ethical practices are important, if the consumer doesn’t taste a fine cup of coffee, they won’t be back. That’s why they work hard to provide a variety of roasts to suit the coffee drinker’s taste-buds.

Once you have finished your bag of coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee takes part in a recycling program for their bags. Ethical Bean picks up the shipping cost, all you have to do is print a postage paid shipping label, and ship the coffee bags via UPS to be recycled into park benches (among other products).

Java Moose Coffee Roasters

If you have ever been to Canada’s east coast, then you know what a fun crowd of people live there. Java Moose Coffee Roasters reflects that east coast sense of fun and whimsy.

Roasting their coffee in Saint John, New Brunswick, Java Moose started small and kept growing bigger. Now with 4 cafe locations, and a World Headquarters & Roasting Facility, Java Moose has exciting flavours and traditional blends to suit your fancy.

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Of course, just because these are some of our favourite roasters selling their coffee on Shopify, that doesn’t mean that this is an exhaustive list of fine coffee roasters online.

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