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Where to buy CBD oil, edibles, and more.

Where to buy CBD in:

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While the pace of CBD usage and adoption seems to be outpacing the rate of scientific research to prove some of the claimed benefits (according to an article published by The New York Times in 2019), there is no doubt that CBD oils, edibles, and other products infused with the molecule are in high demand.

There is currently legal jockeying ongoing around the production and sale of CBD products, with the largest opposition in the USA coming from the FDA. Other sources such as the National Center for Biotechnology Information do a deep dive into the issues surrounding CBD.

To make matters more confusing, each State sets it’s own rules surrounding CBD, and those rules may conflict with the FDA.

Inform yourself of the issues, and check with both State and Federal sources to ensure that you are comfortable with the rules surrounding CBD and CBD products before making a purchase.
Consult with your health care professional about whether or not CBD is right for you.

Where to buy CBD in America

Vendazzo is an awesome place to start your search for e-commerce products. By searching for CDB Oil and selecting USD as the currency we return thousands of CBD products for sale. Everything from capsules to tinctures and massage oils and creams are returned for easy shopping and browsing.

If you are looking for full spectrum oils or broad spectrum oils, you’ll also find pages and pages of items for sale from those search terms.

Is it edibles you’re after? Vendazzo has those too… Yup… that’s right… 102 pages of results for CBD gummies.

Don’t want to search? Just want some straight-up links?… You got it. Try these shops for your CBD needs:


Consistent with the controlled status of CBD under United Nations drug control conventions, CBD in Canada is a controlled substance, regulated by Health Canada. The regulations in Canada set out strict controls to reduce the:

appeal of such products to youth;

risk of accidental consumption, especially of edible cannabis, including by youth;

risk of over consumption associated with edible cannabis because of the delay in experiencing the effects of cannabis when it is ingested rather than inhaled; and

risk of food-borne illness associated with the production and consumption of edible cannabis.

CBD in human food or pet food

As a result of the controls over CBD, products may only be sold by provincially or territorially-authorized cannabis retailers.

While Vendazzo does have search returns for CBD Oil in Canada, the results are a little thin and the shops may not be able to ship the product to you, but it’s worth checking out. The market for shipping cannabis and CBD within provincial borders is controlled by the provincial Liquor and Gaming Boards. Most provinces / territories have online stores that will ship CBD and cannabis to you, as long as you live in that particular province. Check the links below for residents of:

Of course, another option in Canada is to utilize google maps to search for “cannabis near me” although I’m sure you have already done that 😉

United Kingdom

Cannabidiol (CBD) was granted novel food status in January 2019. This opened the market up to new applicants for developing new CBD products including oils, drops or tinctures, gel capsules, sweets (candies), baked goods and drinks. The UK government has issued some advice for vulnerable groups, and healthy adults.

Similar to the American market, the UK has a healthy representation of CBD oil on Vendazzo.

A Vendazzo search for CDB gummy in the UK (GBP) return a similarly large number of products for purchase.

Don’t want to use Vendazzo to find your CBD products? No problem… here are some links to a few shops in the UK:

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